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The Great Dying


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Godplay 02:21
A jaded reverence. Roll through a Sunday sunrise. Speak from the wrong side of the loving fence. Sweat wisdom into the floor. Sharing is caring and ramble on. Always preach your message upward. Even if you struggle to stand firm, drive the point of this voyage home. Seek out attention on a father knows best basis. Maybe this is a cycle. Time is of a wasted essence. Show me your trusting patience. Godplay Extraordinary. Dragging along your rag doll moments. Redefine the dynamic. Control what is not yours mutually. Under prepare for over compensation. Godplay extraordinary. We're biting tongues. Bleeding all the way through. Enjoy unripened fruit from the vine. Let the sun shine in on matters worth hiding on the wall. Clean up and vanish. Cry and hide.
Thumbnail 01:59
Flip a coin until the thumbnail is rubbed away. Telling myself there is more to life than these heads or tails outcomes. Said meditate to find inner peace. Pace a perfect circle as blood and pain leave. Learning and ignoring the agony of an empty bed. Slept in the jarring silence. It's a shame how this is secretly weighted. Playing near the trap of inversion. Heads you lose. Tails you win. This is how it's supposed to be. The only way it could ever exist. Heads you win. Tails you lose. It all comes up blank. I swallow what must be hidden hoping assimilation makes me whole. The whole that everyone thinks I am. Smiling under this mask knowing I'm not hiding my face in public. It all comes up blank. I can't be your bastion of
Soften the blow. Sift the blood of God and pull power towards the light. Let the silence hold your heart. Make violence learn your name. We're all victims here. Existing as someone else's antagonist gnostic prophet. Learned the bitter meaning of Allegiance. Look me in the eyes when you say things are equal. Tell me how to explain my humanity. Do you carry pros and cons like unforeseen infection? Is every breath you'll ever take blessed and cursed as such? Does the concept of bravery carry scars like pack mules? Does it tear your skin away when stereotypes arrive at your feet? You can see and hear the tension in the air. I hope the living water you cherish never quenches your murderous thirst. You keep saying we all matter. Prove it with your self sacrifice. Let this negation disrupt your day to day. Let the hands you feel on your shoulder melt through your exceptional dream. They'll close around your throat, a struggle we've grown used to. The blood keeps coming no matter how you pack the wound. Tell me how I'm suppose to heal if I take more and more abuse. Clutch for pearls like a knife in your body. Welcome the roost home. I can rant and rave and curse until the Black skin I keep turns blue in its face. I can rant and rave and curse until the Black skin I carry turns blue in it's face.
Vertigo 01:15
I aspire to touch the floor in my falling dreams. An agoraphobic flare come to a head. This is not the worst I've been subjected to. At this point, I've grown up with the knowledge of the task at hand. Soaking in the anger brought to my battle weary feet. Acting as one in the corner should. Bleed into your mouth. Swallow the truth down. Get used to it. Let this rot turn into monuments. In repetition is repetition worth repeating.
Balances 02:29
And you turned a blind third eye on the world now everything you loved is falling apart around you. Vanity is vanity is vanity. The weight of words against mind and body. My enigmatic lapses take their toll. Afraid to reach out to the silence of peace. I've heard this sound before in my head. I felt the shock of air on my wounds. Of feeling wounds heal. Of reopening and closing and moving on. Burdens that don't need to be carried. Lines that don't need to be crossed. Do you understand the balances at hand? Will you ever see what I've seen? Do you understand why I say what I say? Sat in the dark and learned childhood names of demons I've ignored. The hand that denies becomes the hand that begs. We tore skin and carried raw muscle like new parents. Faced abandonment like trains passing without sounding horns. Seeking sleep. Finding shelter with these apneas.
Mass congregate isolation. Watching from behind the webs of my mind. Twist sinew to fit the cast. Learn how to cope. Never let the pain of these nails disrupt me. Seen in the wind. Identify symptoms. Sabotage patterns. Ash settling debts in sickened dust. Breathe. Suffocate. Clean yourself until infection sets in. Bleed. Clot. Pull the scab. The constant stumbling eyes lead an oft balanced body. Push paint cornered people away. Build yourself up in the sadness. Repulsed at the thought of attaining happiness. What can I do to close my third eye? Act to your words. Dig in your flesh with the backs of knives until you strike oil. Say my name like a curse. Clean up the mess. Cherish the pain. Trapped in the freedom of the populace.


released July 30, 2021

Cover art by Taylor Bates


all rights reserved



Silent Pendulum Records New York, New York

Brooklyn based record label.

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